Honoring those we lost on 9/11

Honoring those we lost on 9/11

Honoring those we lost on 9/11

The 16th anniversary of United Flight 93's crash into a Pennsylvania field during the 9/11 terrorist attacks will mark the beginning of the end of a $46 million effort to transform the rural Pennsylvania crash site into a national memorial park.

Services were held across the country today to commemorate the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. He said those who try are destined to join a long list of vanquished enemies "who dared to test our mettle".

He and first lady Melania Trump also paid their respects at a Pentagon ceremony led by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis along with Gen. Joseph Dunfort, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Trumps bowed their heads and placed their hands over their hearts as "Taps" rang out across the South Lawn.

The president will receive "a comprehensive picture of the terrorist threat environment and what we're doing to counter it from his senior officials on 9/11", Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert told reporters at the White House on Friday.

Trump reportedly phoned into New Jersey's WWOR-TV/UPN 9 News on 9/11 to discuss the horrific attacks that had taken place just hours earlier. He vowed that it would never be repeated.

Asked how New Yorkers could endure such a tragedy, Trump said, "The big thing that you really will have to do is never forget".

'Sad Day For North Korea' if US Takes Military Action
Putin also expressed concern that cutting off oil supplies would hurt regular North Koreans, Yoon said. Security Council approved a Washington-led resolution for fresh sanctions , Reuters reported .

He said that when America is united, "no force on earth can break us apart".

"I hope this huge loss of human life would force people to think of the uniqueness of our planet - that there is no other place for us to live, but here", the lady said, overcome by emotion.

Looking out at the solemn crowd at ground zero, Debra Epps said she views every day as time to do something to ensure that her brother, Christopher Epps, and thousands of others didn't die in vain.

Trump has a checkered history with 9/11.

Trump also claims to have predicted the terrorist attacks, making the claim as he spruiked his book The America We Deserve in 2011.

He often lauds the bravery of NY police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders who rushed to the Twin Towers, in some cases knowing they probably wouldn't make it out alive.

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