How to download iOS 11 on Apple devices right now?

How to download iOS 11 on Apple devices right now?

How to download iOS 11 on Apple devices right now?

Just like the previous major iOS updates, you will be able to install the iOS 11 update on your iPhone or iPad wirelessly by downloading the OTA update directly on the device. And a lighter iTunes desktop app could make it easier for Apple to bring it in the Windows Store, as announced.

Apple is finally taking action to trim that mammoth piece of software that iTunes has become over the years, pivoting it back to its original mission: an app for music.

Apple has also made some changes on where other content in iTunes 12.7 are found.

iTunes's increasingly cluttered interface is partially a symptom of becoming the single app for storing your music library and syncing apps to your phone. Next, users will have to click on the Update button on the top of the window.

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If iTunes 12.7 isn't listed on this page, users should try to refresh the page by pressing command+R on the keyboard, according to Macworld. The prompt will tell users that the App Store will no longer be found on iTunes.

Once iOS 11 is installed, you can leave the beta program and delete the profile that you downloaded, but it's probably wiser to wait until the 19th so you're sure this build and the official release version are the same. It will also introduce enhancements to Apple's virtual assistant software Siri, enabling support for more third party apps so users can use them via voice commands. Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are now exclusively available in the new App Store for iOS.

Apple's iOS 11 will include an updated version of the App Store. That's it. Now you have the latest version of Apple's mobile OS and the all new features that come with it. The advantage over Venmo: no app to install, and Apple already has your banking information on file.

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