Nintendo Switch Online Chat App Got a Tiny Bit Better

Nintendo Switch Online Chat App Got a Tiny Bit Better

Nintendo Switch Online Chat App Got a Tiny Bit Better

Voice chat will now continue when other apps are opened. And even as helpful as this update is, it doesn't change the fact that splitting voice chat out into its own app rather than building it into the console is a naff move, especially when every other gaming company out there has shown how much better the alternative is.

Nintendo's Switch Online app, intended for voice chat, has been notoriously bad.

Good news - the awful Switch online app for voice chat now passes the bare minimum requirements you could reasonably expect! While the only other entry in version 1.1.0's update list is bug fixes, the other two are likely big enough to make the app relatively enjoyable to use.

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It's also worth noting that those using the power-saving feature on Android 6.0 or later may experience an interruption in voice chat functionality when the device goes into sleep mode.

Nintendo just released an update for their Nintendo Switch online chat app, rendering it slightly more useful than it was before. Unfortunately, it was clearly not ready upon launch and suffered from a bunch of serious issues, including not being able to use another app on your phone - not even to check important texts and calls - if you don't want to get kicked off a voice chat. Hopefully this is the first in a long line of improvements to the Switch's system, because for many, it's now hard to imagine paying a yearly fee for the service in the state it launched in.

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