Nobody likes this bodega startup that aims to replace bodegas

Nobody likes this bodega startup that aims to replace bodegas

Nobody likes this bodega startup that aims to replace bodegas

That is a technologically advanced vending machine. In an interview with FastCompany McDonald said, "Eventually, centralized shopping locations won't be necessary, because there will be 100,000 Bodegas spread out, with one always 100 feet away from you". He and Rajan are using demographic data to fill the machines in the first place, because "each community tends to have relatively homogenous tastes, given that they live or work in the same place". Not likely; according to its website, Bodega wants to partner with "offices, apartments, gyms, and college campuses"-so it's highly unlikely that this concept will replace your corner store". The boxes contain products that are non-perishable. "Shrink the store, bring the best parts in a smaller form factor and bring it to where you are". Two veterans of Google, Paul McDonald and Ashwath Raja, have launched a new startup concept - ironically called Bodega, which hopes to make the actual bodega a thing of the past.

So McDonald and Rajan are gleefully admitting that they want to wipe out a large sector of the economy.

The real kicker about the venture is that its name is not only culturally appropriated (bodega is a Spanish term) but its named after the exact stores they may be putting out of business. "To me, it is offensive for people who are not Hispanic to use the name "bodega, ' to make a quick buck", Garcia said". Of course he does-hundreds of thousands of people already recognize it as a place to buy cold beverages and scratch-and-wins from a guy who probably babysat for you at some point.

Other users praised the sense of community they get from visiting bodegas. "It's disrespecting all the mom-and-pop bodega owners that started these businesses in the '60s and '70s".

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As you may know, the industry of bodegas and mom-and-pop corner shops has been on a steady decline in face of the rising costs of rent and the competition of grocery delivery companies like FreshDirect.

Garcia said his organization would explore any legal options it may have to challenge Bodega's name, adding that he hoped lawmakers would regulate this kind of business and not let the startup bypass government rules existing stores have to follow.

Critics have also condemned Bodega as the latest example of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs easily attracting large sums of money to provide a service for which there is little demand, aimed at catering to a wealthy population.

The duo has been testing 30 such "bodegas" in the San Francisco Bay area and announced it plans on opening a total of 50 by on the West Coast - with designs for more than 1,000 nationwide by the end of 2018, the Web site reported.

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