Security Council poised to vote on weakened sanctions on N Korea

Security Council poised to vote on weakened sanctions on N Korea

Security Council poised to vote on weakened sanctions on N Korea

The measures agreed to by the 15-member Security Council also cap crude oil exports at current levels and limit refined petroleum sales to two million barrels annually.

The US envoy, Nikki Haley who has been tough on the US' position against the regime said, "We are acting in response to a unsafe new development".

North Korea has fired off a new rounds of threats against the United States, promising the "greatest pain" it has ever suffered.

"This anniversary of the founding of our country is significant and comes just after we've had a successful H-bomb test, " said Choe Sol Ju, another Pyongyang citizen who planned to later go on a family picnic.

"Today we are saying that the world will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea".

Mr. Oba told us that he expects the rogue state to show "a provocative, but calculated response created to show domestic and global audiences it is not deterred by the latest round of sanctions".

North Korea's foreign ministry said that it "categorically" rejected the United Nations sanctions, which it says are aimed at "completely suffocating its state and people through a full-scale economic blockade". The North Korean regime has not yet passed the point of no return. During a congratulatory address at the event, KWP Central Committee Vice Chairman Ri Man-gon mentioned "being even more energetic about fighting the battle of the final stage of completing the state's nuclear arsenal to fill the supreme commander's armory with the world's strongest nuclear warheads that can completely overwhelm our enemies", the KCNA added.

The publication of Merkel's proposal came shortly after Friday's discussion held between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the French President Emmanuel Macron, who both condemned Pyongyang's weapons tests while agreeing to redouble efforts to resolve the crisis through peaceful and diplomatic means.

UNSC approves tough new sanctions against N.Korea
Rajiv Biswas, Asia Pacific chief economist for IHS Markit, also said he expects that Pyongyang can weather the import reduction. The new sanctions follow North Korea's most powerful nuclear test to date which the country had carried out on September 3.

"How would we know if China is limiting crude oil exports if it doesn't report the data to begin with?" asked Kent Boydston, a research analyst at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. It still proposes a ban on textile exports. Textiles are North Korea's main source of export revenue after coal, iron, seafood and other minerals that have already been severely restricted by previous United Nations resolutions.

Haley said the Trump administration believes the new sanctions combined with previous measures would ban over 90 percent of North Korea's exports reported in 2016.

To send a strong warning to the North, the South Korean military on Monday conducted a combined live-fire exercise involving the Hyunmoo 2A surface-to-surface ballistic missile and F-15K fighter jets. The US estimates about 93,000 North Koreans are working overseas, the US official said.

A week ago Haley called for the "strongest possible" sanctions, but after several days of negotiations, Washington dropped several measures to win the support of Russian Federation and China, including a bid for an oil embargo and the blacklisting of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the national airline.

Earlier on Monday, Pyongyang warned that it will inflict "the greatest pain and suffering" on the US if the toughest sanctions ever on the Kim Jong-un regime are approved by the UN. It said the U.S. would pay a heavy price if the sanctions proposed by Washington are adopted.

The Security Council will vote on a resolution put forward by the U.S. on Monday following the secretive state's sixth nuclear test earlier this month.

What's in the new sanctions resolution against North Korea?

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