Solberg's right-wing coalition wins election

Solberg's right-wing coalition wins election

Solberg's right-wing coalition wins election

For many in Norway, such a development would be relief after the last four years of tax cuts for the rich and attacks on the country's still extensive labor protections. The outcome could depend on whether the government's parliamentary allies, the Liberals and Christian Democrats, both of which lost seats, manage to clear the critical threshold of 4% of the national vote and qualify for additional seats in parliament. She was helped by an economic rebound in western Europe's biggest oil and gas producer, which became more pronounced in the middle of this year.

Jacobin's Ellen Engelstad - editor of the online journal Manifest Tidsskrift - had a chat with Marie Sneve Martinussen, the deputy leader of Rødt (the Red Party) about their strategy for the election and their analysis of the current state of affairs in Norway.

The opposition Labour Party appears to have maintained its position as the largest single group in parliament. Her stimulus program included becoming Norway's first premier to take money directly from Norway's nearly $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund to increase the government's budget. Over the past four years, the quartet clashed regularly over issues such as immigration and the environment.

"Then it may be a weaker government", she told Reuters. Norway's economy also has the cushion of a sovereign wealth fund worth nearly $1 trillion, the world's biggest, built on income from offshore oil and gas. "There is broad consensus about the outlook for the sovereign wealth fund and the Norwegian economy, which means a tighter fiscal policy". Finance Minister Siv Jensen has twice said no to the request over the past two years, citing political risk.

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The rural Center Party, which was the election's single biggest victor with a gain of 10 seats, has called for a public inquiry into the country's relationship with the EU. In fact, he has likened himself with the French president Emmanuel Macron, and would much rather collaborate with the center than with the Left.

Solberg's coalition partner, the populist Progress Party, has sharply limited immigration to Norway in what Stoere said is a betrayal of Norwegian values.

"We have received support for four new years because we have delivered on what we pledged", Solberg said during her victory speech.

Norway's problems are small by the standards of most nations.

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