UN North Korea sanctions are 'just another very small step'

UN North Korea sanctions are 'just another very small step'

UN North Korea sanctions are 'just another very small step'

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the latest United Nations sanctions on North Korea were only a very small step and nothing compared to what would have to happen to deal with the country's nuclear program.

It is the ninth resolution unanimously adopted by the 15-member council since 2006 over North Korea's ballistic missile and nuclear programmes.

According to Chinese customs data, North Korea imports almost 2.2 million barrels a year in petroleum products, but some USA officials believe the true number is much higher: about 4.5 million barrels.

The military has already been retooling helicopters and transport planes to infiltrate North Korea so ground forces - known as the Spartan 3000 - can carry out raids.

The security council will ban textile exports, natural gas liquids imports, and prohibit countries from giving new work permits to North Korean workers. They will also gradually end North Korea's labor export program, which sends almost 100,000 North Koreans overseas every year.

Both the White House and State Department interpreted the remarks as a call for more action. Textiles are one of North Korea's major exports, with a total export value estimated at $750 million in 2016.

It also froze the assets of three government agencies, including a military one.

US Seeks an Asset Freeze for Kim Jong Un
Several diplomats say the USA demand for a quick council vote is aimed at putting maximum pressure on China. The sanctions were adopted unanimously in NY , with Russian Federation and China's approval.

The pipeline, also called the Friendship Oil Pipeline, runs for more than 30km from storage facilities in the Chinese border city of Dandong to an oil depot in Sinuiju in North Korea. Both countries could veto any new resolution. The North Korean regime has not passed the point of no return ... The U.S. Also wanted authorization for countries to inspect ships going in and out of North Korea which might have weapons or fuel on board.

Plus, if the sanctions weren't significant, the U.S. Treasury Secretary wouldn't be making threats like this: "If China doesn't follow these sanctions, we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the U.S. and worldwide dollar system".

Limits on imports of crude oil and oil products.

"We don't take pleasure in further strengthening sanctions today", said Haley.

"This ban will eventually starve the regime of an additional $500 million or more in annual revenues". Chinese companies are said to be large investors in North Korean facilities. The ambassador said during a conference that the upcoming measures by North Korea will make the United States suffer the greatest pain it has ever experienced. "We sent a message that anybody that wanted to trade with North Korea - we would consider them not trading with us". "We would like to see proof of that in the near future", he added. "Therefore, we supported and are supporting the sanctions contained in the resolutions aimed at compelling the DPRK to meet the demands of the Security Council".

Park Soo-hyun, the presidential spokesman added, "North Korea should stop testing the stern resolve of the worldwide community, for the only way to escape from diplomatic isolation and economic pressure is to return to the negotiating table for a complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization".

US President Donald Trump will visit China in November, a person familiar with his plans said, as tensions flare on the Korean peninsula due to Pyongyang's nuclear and missile tests.

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