'Frank from Falls Church' mows lawn at White House

'Frank from Falls Church' mows lawn at White House

'Frank from Falls Church' mows lawn at White House

Interviewed on the Fox Business network before heading to the White House, Frank said the day was shaping up to be "pretty much the best day of my life".

The 10-year-old was determined to do a good job.

"I would like to show the nation what young people like me are ready for".

As you can see in the clip above, Frank was so into finishing his work that when President Donald Trump walked up to him, Frank just kept on mowing. He also wore earplugs and safety glasses.

"He's going to be a Navy SEAL one day", Trump said to the cameras. "That's the real future of the country".

FX said he normally charges eight dollars per lawn (about £5.90) but made a decision to mow the White House lawn free of charge.

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"It would be my honor to mow the White House lawn some weekend for you", Frank wrote.

After watching his dad do yard work for years, Frank was finally deemed old enough to operate a power mower this summer.

"I always wanted to do something big and so I was like, 'Why don't we just start here?' This seems like the flawless example", Frank, of Falls Church, Virginia, told Camerota. "I was sure he'd get a form letter [back], which is more than enough".

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read the letter from the child named Frank at a briefing last month.


Meet lawnmower boy, otherwise known as Frank Giaccio. And priceless marketing for his nascent lawn-mowing business.

For this job, FX donned goggles and ear plugs and pushed a mower belonging to the National Park Service.

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