Lawyers for Anthony Weiner Ask Judge for Leniency Ahead of Sentencing

Lawyers for Anthony Weiner Ask Judge for Leniency Ahead of Sentencing

Lawyers for Anthony Weiner Ask Judge for Leniency Ahead of Sentencing

Anthony Weiner, the former congressman and NY mayoral candidate whose career and personal life were wrecked in a series of sexting scandals, blamed a "deep sickness" combined with the "profit-seeking curiosity" of his 15-year-old victim for his legal troubles, as he asked a judge for leniency when he's sentenced later this month.

The high-school girl, referred to only as "Jane Doe", or "JD", contacted Weiner in hopes of selling her story to a publisher and influencing the presidential election, lawyers for Weiner said in a court filing late Wednesday.

The pieces fell into place, Devlin-Brown notes, when then-FBI Director James Comey alluded to the Weiner investigation as a justification to relaunch the probe of Clinton's emails.

Abedin, the former Clinton aide now divorcing Weiner after the scandal, urged the judge for leniency as well in a separate letter pockmarked with heavy redactions.

He was registered as a sex offender earlier this year. As his sentencing approaches (the charge carries a ten-year max), Weiner and his attorneys have written to the judge presiding over the case in an attempt to keep Weiner out of prison. Even as the lawyers recounted the girl's role in encouraging Weiner to participate in the explicit message exchange, they said in the court filing that Weiner "never should have responded" and he doesn't treat the circumstances "as a justification".

The FBI's investigation into Weiner's underage relationship led to a discovery of emails between Abedin and Clinton on his laptop that re-opened the investigation on Clinton's private email server just days before the election.

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As part of their push for probation, Weiner's lawyers submitted numerous letters from the disgraced ex pol's remaining supporters, claiming he has a good character despite his creepy cyber-cheating.

Abedin emphasizes that she is not seeking compassion for herself or for Weiner, but for their son, whose age still protects him for now from the depths of his parents' scandal. My continued acting out over years crushed the aspirations of my wife and ruined our marriage. "I am so deeply sorry for the harm I have done to her, and I live with the sorrow that I will never be able to fix that". "I am devastated by Anthony's actions, and I understand he must face their consequences".

When his laptop was seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, it was discovered Ms Abedin had used it to send thousands of emails to Mrs Clinton's private account. And, he said, his young son "will forever have to answer questions about the public and private failings of his father".

Hillary and her campaign have blamed Comey's letter that cleared her of wrong doing for costing her the election to President-elect Donald Trump.

Weiner was a promising politician from NY until he was forced to resign his seat in Congress in 2011 after it was revealed that he had been sending sexual messages and photos to numerous women, including a college student and a Las Vegas blackjack dealer.

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