Microsoft's Intelligent Delivery System Will Save Space On Your Xbox One HDD

Microsoft's Intelligent Delivery System Will Save Space On Your Xbox One HDD

Microsoft's Intelligent Delivery System Will Save Space On Your Xbox One HDD

With 4K games for Xbox One X set to make things even bigger than before thanks to even higher resolution textures and assets - Forza Motorsport 7 is set to be 100GB in size at launch on Xbox One X - Microsoft have had to come up with some way to try and save a little space.

Is Intelligent Delivery something you'd welcome as an Xbox gamer? This allows developers to, say, have users install only a single audio language pack, and even allows multi-disc support for the Xbox One family of systems. Players will be able to download only the chunks they need or want to play the game, rather than downloading the complete game with all content.

When the gamer goes to download a title, only those chunks with the relevant tags are pulled from Microsoft's servers. In the case of the latter, this means that game audio or cutscenes in non-relevant languages don't need to be downloaded - Intelligent Delivery could, in theory, install just the assets applicable to your region, with other languages an optional "on demand" download, accessible via the Xbox One dash. Backup the game to an external hard drive and plug it into the Xbox One X.

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"But", you give voice your concerns, "aren't games chock-full of 4K assets going to take longer to download?"

The Xbox One X will be able to handle 4K capture at 60fps, but if you don't want to upgrade or can't at the momemt, this is great news if you've got a lot of capture needs on Xbox One at the moment.

In terms of device-specific content, Intelligent Delivery allows developers to partition off artwork for either Xbox One or the X, with the console only delivering the assets that are needed for the hardware in question. Based on the documentation we've seen, while the underlying software for supporting multiple Blu-rays allow for up to 15 discs, Microsoft is supporting a maximum of two right now for mastering. They also got a glimpse of this new system in order to persuade them to adopt it for the upcoming titles. With only the required assets being downloaded, precious hard drive space will be saved and download times will be cut short.

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