Assembly passes budget, Senate not on board

Assembly passes budget, Senate not on board

Assembly passes budget, Senate not on board

The Wisconsin Assembly sent a $3 billion incentive package for Taiwan-based Foxconn to Gov. Scott Walker this week, signing off on a deal to lure the electronics giant to the state with the biggest subsidy to a foreign company in USA history. Walker has broad veto powers and could promise to cut something from the massive spending plan to secure the needed votes. Stephen Nass, R-Whitewater, said he wants to see a January 1 effective date to repeal the state's prevailing wage requirement.

Walker says those budgets and others were agreed to Friday with the state Senate. Republicans had been one vote shy of that entering the day as four senators had expressed objections that they said precluded them from voting for the plan. They've also criticized it for lacking a long-term plan for roads projects, an omission that will further delay road work around the state and cause another $400 million to be borrowed for public-works projects.

- The Wisconsin Assembly on Thursday sent Gov. Scott Walker a multibillion-dollar subsidy package for a Taiwanese company, putting within reach the governor's bid to place a massive flat-screen plant in the state. David Craig, of the Town of Vernon, voted in favor while all Democrats were against.

"We don't even know if the Senate can pass this budget, it's so bad", Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca said.

"I think this is one of the best budgets we have passed since I have been in the state Senate".

Vos' stance contrasted with Walker, who said earlier Wednesday that he's open to changing the state budget to mollify Republican senators delaying its passage.

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High cost transportation aid is in that budget.

Foxconn also pledged to make extensive use of the supply chain in the state to make Wisconsin "a center of worldwide high-tech manufacturing".

Walker won't return from a trade mission to Asia until late Saturday, but the governor could sign the measure as soon as next week.

Walker's office said he would also veto a tolling implementation study authorized in the budget, along with a provision that would have preempted local regulations on quarries. Republican Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke blasted the Senate holdouts on Twitter saying, "Let me be as clear as I can".

Democrats don't have the votes to stop it.

The $76 billion spending plan includes investment to K-12 schools, eliminates several taxes and keeps property taxes low, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said in a statement.

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