US Sets Up First Permanent Base In Israel

US Sets Up First Permanent Base In Israel

US Sets Up First Permanent Base In Israel

On Monday, the Israeli Air Force declared that the United States military's European Command (EUCOM) had opened a "base within a base" at the IDF's air defense school, west of the towns of Dimona and Yeruham in southern Israel. Gen. Zvika Haimovich, commander of the IAF's Aerial Defense Division.

The U.S. military's European Command (EUCOM) will run the base.

The American military on Tuesday denied a claim made by the Israel Defense Forces that the United States had established its first base in Israel, saying the new buildings were instead a "living facility". U.S. National Guard in Europe Deputy Commander Maj.

"The base is here to stay", Haimovitch told reporters who were concerned about the activity of dozens of U.S. troops who will live there."It involved a significant allocation of resources, in the understanding that this was right and necessary part of the United States' assets in Israel", he said, according to a Tuesday Haaretz report.

In the past such systems were operated by civilian contractors, but over the past few years the Pentagon has sought to replace these civilians with soldiers as part of a gradual process taking place at US military installations around the world. The general stressed that the American presence would not hamper the IDF's ability to act independently against any threat to the security of the state of Israel. Gen. Zvi Haimovitch called "nothing less than historic".

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The "base within a base" will be run by the United States military's European Command (EUCOM).

The U.S. has a history of donating billions of dollars of taxpayer money to fund Israel's military over decades.

Gronski also discussed the already close relationship between the two militaries. There are conflicting reports regarding which military specifically will retain jurisdiction over the base. The radar is useful against medium- and long-range ballistic missile attacks.

Israel's air defenses now include the Iron Dome, created to shoot down short-range rockets, and the Arrow system which intercepts ballistic missiles outside of the Earth's atmosphere. It fell in the buffer zone between the Israeli- and Syrian-controlled parts of the Golan. The Iron Dome has also been deployed against threats along the northern border.

Last week, the IDF established a new Iron Dome battalion.

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