S.Korea to offer $8mn aid to N.Korea

S.Korea to offer $8mn aid to N.Korea

S.Korea to offer $8mn aid to N.Korea

President Donald Trump praised South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Thursday for using the word "deplorable" in his description of North Korea's recent provocations.

Trump signaled ahead of the meeting that new sanctions would be announced against North Korea.

Another critic of the South Korean initiative, Larry Niksch, a Korea expert formerly with the U.S. Congressional Research Service, said $8 million is a token amount of aid, barely enough to have a significant impact on North Koreans in need.

Please Wait while comments are loading. "Although we can not say there is no 'North Korea risk, ' the Korean economy is steadily growing solid".

Specific details, including when and how the aid would be offered, will be decided "with consideration of North-South relations", ministry officials had said. A further $3.5m will go to Unicef to fund vaccinations and treatments for diarrhoea, acute respiratory diseases and malnutrition, the unification ministry said.

In the face of that criticism, proponents of Seoul's decision to extend humanitarian aid to Pyongyang say it was both a goodwill gesture and a calculated move to leave a diplomatic door open.

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According to the United Nations, about 72% of the 24.9 million North Koreans, including 1.3 million children under 5 years and pregnant women, suffer from malnutrition.

The Unification Ministry, which initially described the aid package to local reporters last Thursday, never mentioned when exactly Seoul would carry out the initiative.

The latest missile test was a defiance of a recently passed United Nations Security Council resolution and a demonstration that North Korea was unfazed by it, Song said. "Humanitarian aid to North Koreans should continue".

"I hope North Korea will be able to choose a path of peace on one's own volition". The World Health Organization estimates the mortality rate among North Korean children aged five and under at 25 per 1,000, compared with three in every 1,000 in South Korea. "And this is what the worldwide community agrees with, including the U.S., Russian Federation and Switzerland". After North Korea's sixth and biggest nuclear test and continuing missile launches, some analysts say the aid could be seen as undermining global efforts to isolate North Korea financially.

The decision to resume aid is unpopular among many South Koreans. The same day, Moon is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech before the UN General Assembly outlining a solution to the Korean Peninsula crisis, and a luncheon is to be held among the South Korean, US, and Japanese leaders.

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