Cuomo Heads to Puerto Rico to Help Recovery Effort

Cuomo Heads to Puerto Rico to Help Recovery Effort

Cuomo Heads to Puerto Rico to Help Recovery Effort

Cars, trucks and whatever could carry a helping hand flowed in a steady stream of disaster relief Friday to the San Lorenzo Club, 3121 West 33 St., as part of an effort to aid in the recovery of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican officials rushed to evacuate some 70,000 people downstream of a failing dam in the wake of Hurricane Maria, while at least six people were confirmed dead on the US Caribbean territory following the storm. A 6 6 p.m. curfew is in place until Sunday. "The devastation is beyond belief", Lopez said in an Instagram post. She has aunts and uncles and many in-laws in Puerto Rico. "I can get him to climb up on some trees, some ladders", said Vasquez.

He said he has talked to family in Texas, who also are trying to reach family members on the island. "Today Puerto Rico needs our help and yours and how Carlos Ivan said, with the help of everyone we will rise stronger than ever".

Ramonita Vargas of the Spanish-American Committee in Cleveland described an office full of people anxious about the unknown.

More than 95 percent of wireless cell sites were not working on Thursday afternoon on the island, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission said. She was born in the Bronx, New York to Puerto Rican parents. The island commonwealth of 3.4 million US citizens is dependent on sea commerce in normal times for food and fuel, including fuel oil for its power plants.

Cuomo's office says Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello asked his NY counterpart for emergency goods and services to help the recovery.

A team of judges overseeing its bankruptcy has advised involved parties to put legal proceedings on hold indefinitely as the island recovers, said a source familiar with the proceedings.

"With fewer lines of business and clear strategic priorities, we have the opportunity to create an internal structure and operating model that is simpler, nimbler and faster", CEO Meg Whitman said on a call with analysts earlier in September. When a catastrophe like this hits, they unite, no ifs, buts or whatever. "Every dollar counts! Please help us help!"

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Rossello has called Maria the most devastating storm in a century after it destroyed the United States territory's electricity and telecommunications infrastructure.

Some volunteers at the collection had their doubts as to whether this disaster will prompt an exodus of Puerto Rican residents to the USA mainland.

Authorities were first alerted to the stranded ship at 11.30am on Wednesday morning, leaving the family marooned for 24 hours with the engine disabled. "They'd rather tough it out".

The entire island has been declared a federal disaster zone.

"There is a feeling of despair in not knowing what to do", Cintron said.

"I have my very elderly grandparents, both in their 90s, aunts, cousins, extended family, all in Puerto Rico, " she continued.

"We didn't ask their names and didn't ask why they were out there".

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