Apple probes claims of iPhone 8 splitting open while charging

Apple probes claims of iPhone 8 splitting open while charging

Apple probes claims of iPhone 8 splitting open while charging

It won't be cheap.

The entry-level iPhone X costs $999 but it only comes with 64GB of storage space. The 256GB variant will go for an extra $150. The phones are available in colors of rose gold, silver, and space grey.

"Based on these investments, we expect improvements not only in the optics in the dual camera module, but also in computationally intensive requirements of the portrait lighting capture feature that rely on the graphical horsepower and neural engine (AI) of the A11 Bionic chip". After the initial reports, it was believed that the problem occurs with some carriers, but later it was discovered that users on all the carriers are having the same issues. In fact, if you have an Apple iPhone 6 or 5S, the iPhone 8 might be an upgrade to look for.

Finally, given reports of supply problems for some key components, the iPhone X might not ship for many more months, and I'm not sure I'm willing to wait that long.

According to reports, two Apple iPhone 8 Plus smartphones had burst open, one owner in Taiwan and another one in Japan. Do note, there's no mention of an unlocked, SIM-free model on the Apple website yet.

When it comes to the battery, Apple does not reveal the capacity during their launches.

In the case of the Taiwanese owner, the iPhone 8 Plus was reportedly being charged when the front panel began to bulge and eventually lifted from the body of the device.

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Both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are more comfortable to hold than their predecessors, it's easier to get a good grip on these phones, and of course, they're definitely sleeker-looking.

T-Mobile's pricing for the iPhone X is exactly the same as Apple's - the handset starts at $1,000. I would expect to see that on older phone models, not something from this year. As much as Apple wants to cram wireless headphones down your throat, consumers don't always oblige.

There is one way to save, potentially. It makes iPhone better than before. On the other hand, the BOM for iPhone 8 is $247.51. From this area, you can check and download the app software on your device. But switching smartphones is hard these days, especially after you've committed years to the iPhone. Taking a backup on the iPhone 8 Plus is simple and the process is the same as other iOS devices.

The iPhone X will arrive in India on November 3, starting at Rs 89,000. Here are few points which help you to choose the ideal iPhone depending on the budget. The problem doesn't exist on each device, but it is still bugging many phones.

Verizon will offer the iPhone X at the same time as the rest of the industry, though we haven't received word on promotions yet.

Some 31.4% of respondents to a September poll by FT Confidential Research, a unit of the Financial Times, said they meant to buy a Huawei model for their next smartphone.

Update: Added pricing details for AT&T.

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