Pakistan's ousted PM Sharif re-elected as head of his party

Pakistan's ousted PM Sharif re-elected as head of his party

Pakistan's ousted PM Sharif re-elected as head of his party

Former prime Minister Navaz Sharif, who was dismissed by Constitutional Court in Pakistan, was re-elected leader of Pakistani Muslim League-Navaz party (PML-N).

The law was passed to allow the party to re-elect the disqualified former Prime Minister as party chief, on the eve of a party convention called for the express goal of electing Sharif to the post.

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been reelected unopposed the president of PML (N).

The achievement of United Kingdom visa becomes nearly impossible for a person who was allegedly involved in money laundering case or theft of national wealth or court has declared him disqualified as per International Law.

A controversial clause in the bill - which was heavily criticised by the opposition - allows politicians disqualified from holding public office to lead political parties.

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Tuesday that some advisers and ministers gave wrong recommendations to Nawaz Sharif as they only loved their designation.

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Relations between Islamabad and Washington have been tense since President Donald Trump singled out Pakistan when he announced a new Afghanistan strategy on August 21, accusing it of tolerating "safe havens" for Afghan militant groups on its territory.

Sharif's election has temporarily cured the rifts within the party which appeared on the verge of defections after his ouster.

The PML (N) President said that his party wants to take the country forward by empowering the youth.

Sharif's first term as Pakistan's prime minister, in the early 1990s, also ended abruptly when he was dismissed by presidential decree after being accused of corruption.

The new law will allow a disqualified legislator to acquire the position of the head of a political party. Talal Chaudhry said it is PML-N which has always ensured amendments in laws included by dictators.

The Election Bill, 2017, commonly known as electoral reforms bill was approved by the Senate and subsequently signed into law by the president late Monday night. They also content that the law is against the spirit of the Constitution.

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