Google introduces Clips, a camera that takes videos for you

Google introduces Clips, a camera that takes videos for you

Google introduces Clips, a camera that takes videos for you

Google Clips does not have a launch date yet, but it should be coming soon, presumably in time for the holiday season. The company said it uses machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, to automatically recognize and take pictures of subjects that are important to users. This AI component also learns which people (which must mean faces) you know, and focuses on snapping pictures of them.

The lightweight, hands-free camera can be set on the coffee table or clipped to a chair to get a shot of your cat playing with its favorite toy.

As the name implies, the device captures what Google calls "motion photos" that are several seconds long (no audio).

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Google's camera will retail for $249. It has a 12-megapixel sensor and a 130-degree field-of-view lens, and takes photos at 15 fps.

Software is at the core of the camera, meaning Clips can be made smarter and more powerful over time as Google continues to push out new updates. The best aspect about the camera is that it does all of this itself and the technology behind it is housed in a tiny body. The camera charges via USB-C, and connects to your phone and the accompany Google Clips app. Google is trying to make Clips extremely versatile, and it seems like it should be an extremely interesting product for those who love to share short moments in their life.

You can export the recordings as video, photos, or GIFs. While you can't order it online just yet, you can join Google's waitlist. Google is now giving free, unlimited storage for photos and clips in original quality.

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