Snapchat ART will guide users through augmented reality exhibits

Snapchat ART will guide users through augmented reality exhibits

Snapchat ART will guide users through augmented reality exhibits

As Snapchat's rivalry with Instagram has intensified, it has tried to add more unique features such as photo-editing tools, 3D filters and augmented reality capabilities like the partnership with Koons.

Though Snapchat fixed the problem after Business Insider exposed the flaw, much of the information had already been gathered, including several images of the sculptures as they would look in various location around the world. Koons' art pieces include Balloon Dog, Balloon Rabbit, Balloon Popeye, and Play-Doh.

A giant metallic bunny may not be the first thing you associate with the Eiffel tower, but a new AR project will see the two stand side by side. Koon's artwork will be available at famous locations and would appear when users will use their phones for photos.

The installations, which include Koons' signature sculptures of inflatable animals, can be viewed starting Tuesday on the Venice boardwalk, Central Park in NY and next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, among other much-visited destinations.

Snapchat has a form on its website inviting other artists to bring their work to the messaging platform, but it's unclear whether it's now working with any other artists yet.

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Okay, so Snap accidentally leaked its own announcement. Clicking it pulls up a form that says "We would love to work with you". The sculpted works resemble everyday objects and are frequently made of reflective metal that mirror their surroundings.

Snap is reportedly about to launch art shows all over the world-starting with mega-star collaborator Jeff Koons, who will bring one of his iconic balloon dog sculptures to Central Park.

The LA-based firm is not now commenting on the project, but more information is expected when the timer runs out at 8pm BST (3pm ET).

According to Snap, to discover the Koons Lenses, users must be within about 300 meters of the Lens and have the latest version of the Snapchat app installed. For now, you can use Snapchat to view Koons' new digital sculptures around the world, and if you're an artist, Snapchat is currently taking applications for new collaborations.

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