Brazil's Olympic Committee President arrested over alleged Rio corruption

Brazil's Olympic Committee President arrested over alleged Rio corruption

Brazil's Olympic Committee President arrested over alleged Rio corruption

The agents, who were operating on orders from a federal judge, also seized documents.

Nuzman, 75, is accused of the offences of " bribery, money-laundering and participation in a criminal organisation", according to the press release issued by the police.

Nuzman appeared relaxed and chatted with the agents as he entered the police station.

With their detention, the vice president of Brazil's Olympic Committee, Paulo Wanderley, has temporarily taken charge of the body.

Those raids were a result of information gained from the two-year French probe into former world athletics supremo Lamine Diack and his circle of associates and family members, which has already revealed evidence of widespread corruption in global sport.

Nuzman also tried to hide his wealth, often in foreign accounts, the statement read.

Rio de Janeiro, Oct. 5, (GNA/dpa) - Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, was Thursday arrested on suspicion of buying votes to bring the 2016 Games to Rio de Janeiro.

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At the time, he was detained and questioned and authorities confiscated his passport.

"The Olympic Games were used as a great stepping stone to corruption", prosecutor Fabiana Schneider, one of the officials responsible for the operation, was quoted as saying to monthly news magazine Carta Capital.

Businessman Arturo Soares, known as "King Arthur", a top contractor for Cabral's administration, allegedly delivered the payment three days before the International Olympic Committee vote in Copenhagen in October 2009.

The 72-year-old has led the committee since 1995 and headed Rio's successful bid to host the 2016 Games. On Thursday, prosecutors said they have since uncovered emails showing the younger Diack asked for more money and received it. "It is a hard and unusual measure in due process".

The Rio games were generally credited with being a sporting and organizational success, but revelations of massive corruption during the preparations and now even in the naming of the host city have tarnished the legacy. Tokyo eventually won the right to host in 2020 while the International Olympic Committee recently awarded the 2024 and 2028 editions to Paris and Los Angeles respectively.

The IOC is cooperating and is also proceeding with its own internal investigation.

The IOC investigation will be the first test of the newly elected members of the Ethics Commission including chair Ban Ki Moon.

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