Google Assistant has a male voice, here are the details

Google Assistant has a male voice, here are the details

Google Assistant has a male voice, here are the details

The voice match feature will also be launched in all seven countries where Google Assistant is live at the moment.

The news was presented onstage at the company's Pixel 2 hardware event in San Francisco. Nest is going to integrate with the Google Home and Chromecast in a more meaningful way to offer more control over your home. While many have come to know the Google Assistant's voice to be female, a new update now lets users change the voice of the AI to that of a male's. Well, Google did what Google does - that is AI magic, if you were wondering - and has now brought Voice Match to the Google Home.

Broadcast is a new feature that allows one Google Home device to broadcast a message to the other devices in the home.

Google Assistant now also speaks other kinds of languages, too.

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Ever since the original Google Home launched, Google has marketed the device as the ideal home companion - a device that can help the whole family with searches, schedules, recipes, alarm clocks, music playback, et cetera. You can also change the temperature on your Nest thermostat with conversational terms like "warmer" and set up your Nest Hello doorbell so it calls Home, like a remote intercom. Just say "OK Google, play Spotify" any time, anywhere and you will be able to enjoy your favorite tunes away from Home. Soon, you'll also be able to see what your Nest Cameras see, tell you whose at the door with Nest Hello, and turn on your alarm system with Nest Secure.

Last and somewhat the least, there is now a Google Assistant app on Google Play Store.

The Home will also receive integration for Android's Find My Phone feature, which allows you to locate any Android device of your own using a browser or an app. Moreover, here's how you do it, just follow this steps given below to get the result.

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