Instagram Stories can now directly be shared to Facebook Stories

Instagram Stories can now directly be shared to Facebook Stories

Instagram Stories can now directly be shared to Facebook Stories

Users can add a poll when adding a picture to their Instagram "story", and can see what their followers choose. In other words, it's now possible to poll web users for their opinions on any subject, by adding a poll sticker to a photo or video.

After being tested in Portugal last month, the feature appeared for US users soon after and Facebook has this week confirmed it will be rolled out globally. The company is now officially enabling cross-posting of Stories from Instagram to Facebook. Us either. Facebook hopes to fix that with a cheat: Allowing Instagram users to cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook. Just select it and your Instagram Story will appear on your Facebook Stories. We're always working to make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you.

Facebook and Instagram have tied their platforms closer together, in a setup that will satisfy heavy social media sharers.

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However, the tie-in could help Facebook enormously. Facebook's own Stories feature has been slower to take off.

In any case, when this option is rolled out, it will most probably cut down the trouble of manually uploading Stories on each platform separately. For example, if you share a Status on WhatsApp, then you would also be able to share it directly on Instagram as well as Facebook directly from there.

Scroll down until you see Story Settings then click that option. After it started gaining widespread popularity in the beginning of 2017, they released the Stories feature onto Facebook too.

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