Special Forces Troops Are Killed and 2 Wounded in Ambush in Niger

Special Forces Troops Are Killed and 2 Wounded in Ambush in Niger

Special Forces Troops Are Killed and 2 Wounded in Ambush in Niger

A special operations soldier died in a vehicle accident in Niger in February.

The U.S. had already been providing the French with aerial refueling for its Mirage and Rafale warplanes.

A Niger diplomatic source said that the attackers had come from Mali and had killed several soldiers, without saying whether any of the US troops stationed in the West African country were among the victims.

French troops are involved in an operation near Niger's border with Mali on Thursday, the French army said, a day after an attack that killed three U.S. Army Special Forces members.

As many as five soldiers from the African nation were also killed, although the details are still unclear.

In 2012, a cooperative of ethnic Tuareg rebels and Islamist militants seized control of much of Mali, prompting an worldwide response.

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U.S. Africa Command says it's withholding the names of the soldiers involved until their families are notified.

The US military has maintained a small clandestine presence in the northwest African country and other parts of Africa. However, The Drive website reported that the Pentagon contracted fuel deliveries for Ouallam, a city about halfway between the capital and the Mali border.

It is very possible that the Americans present at the ambush were special operators operating out of this site.

The Pentagon said two other USA soldiers were wounded in the attack which took place while they were assisting Nigerien counter-terror operations in the troubled area. The US is building a United States dollars 50 million-drone base in Agadez, Niger.

In mid-September, the government of President Mahamadou Issoufou extended Niger's state of emergency in force since March due to a threat coming from Mali. "One aspect of that is training, assisting and advising Nigeriens to increase their ability to bring security and stability to their people" the statement ended.

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