NRA promotes perversion of Second Amendment rights

NRA promotes perversion of Second Amendment rights

NRA promotes perversion of Second Amendment rights

The battle to prevent further erosion of gun rights through new gun control laws must go on, probably more vocally than ever. Money keeps our government in check, not guns, and the citizenry will never have enough of either to make a difference anyway. Congress and the President need to figure out a way to curb gun violence regardless of what the NRA says or how much they contribute to campaigns. In it, Stephens argued that there is only one way to fix the gun issue in America, and it's in his headline. They'll want to take all semi-automatic firearms, for example. The tragic incidents at Ruby Ridge, in Idaho, and Waco, Tex., in the 1990s, in which citizens armed to the teeth collided with government agencies and lost badly, is a case study for what would happen were the citizenry to rise up in violence against the state today.

If that's too harsh for you, just copy Australia and require anyone who owns a gun to obtain a federal license and demand that they have a "genuine reason" for wanting one, thus giving bureaucrats, the police and judges the right to deny a gun to those who whose story doesn't pass muster according to some subjective standard.

I hear the declaration from the White House that now is not the time to discuss gun control.

Poe's claims are, of course, unfounded.

Or even better: "If John Smith doesn't think you deserve your Second Amendment rights... how many more of your Constitutional rights does he want to take away?" 154,483. And, now, 59 more lives lost in Las Vegas.

Bump stocks are legal and low-cost, with some versions advertised for $99.

We may never have answers about why the man opened fire from the 32nd floor of a high rise casino into thousands of people gathered for an open air concert.

Letter to the editor: Gun violence is equivalent to our worst wars ever

It is we humans who anoint them with special powers, who test them wisely or turn them into wicked instruments. More than 250 members, wearing their trademark red T-shirts, flooded the Texas Capitol in Austin in January, asking lawmakers face-to-face to oppose legislation that would allow any lawful gun owner to carry a loaded weapon anywhere.

Newtown represented the NRA's defensive strategy at its most extreme: oppose even the most mild of reforms even in the face of the most deplorable gun massacres And now the offensive (in more ways than one) effort to allow any gun anywhere possessed by nearly anyone at any time marches on in Wisconsin. Let's start talking about repealing the Second Amendment. Long before all the facts about the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas were known or even all the missing were accounted for, liberals were riding their familiar gun control hobby horses.

Compare that with the carnage unleashed by the gunman in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said in an interview with VA Talk Radio Network on Thursday.

Their skepticism is rooted in the knowledge that all of the so-called "common sense" laws for which liberals advocate are created to hinder legal firearms purchases, not criminal gun violence or mass shootings. Do you know why? "And we must do something", he said. Everything that we've brought forward doesn't cut the mustard with the Republican majority. They have become prevalent social norms which we simple see, and sigh.

In these days of unrest, chaos, and disrespect of our country, it behooves us to remember the words of President John F. Kennedy: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country".

Can you picture some Democratic candidate supporting the repeal of the Second Amendment?

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