Hijab emoji coming to the iPhone from next week

Hijab emoji coming to the iPhone from next week

Hijab emoji coming to the iPhone from next week

Remember, if someone isn't running iOS 11.1, they won't be able to see the new characters. A public beta preview is coming next week.

New designs include emojis from different categories such as food, animals and gender neutral characters among others. These include new options like "Woman with Headscarf", "Bearded Person" and "Sandwich". The update will also include the love-you gesture, which is inspired by the "I love you" hand sign in American Sign Language. The original iOS 11 release was missing key features like Apple Pay Cash and Messages in iCloud.

Apple showed off more than 30 of the new emoji it's adding from Unicode 10 on Friday. The users are also having problems with some apps after updating their phone with the new software. Sometime back Google had come up with a new set of emojis on board to entice the audience.

The iOS 11.1 update is expected to arrive with new food icons, such as pie, dim sum, broccoli as well as the typical takeout container.

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They'll roll out as part of the upcoming iOS 11.1 update.

The new emoji are slated to roll out for beta testers on Monday, Oct. 9, according to BuzzFeed. Many old emoji characters have been redesigned as well.

Apple originally announced some of these characters on July 17 for World Emoji Day. For those who love adventures, they will have something new for them as well like, rock climbing, etc. The macOS High Sierra should follow suit with the same emoji being added then. Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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