Catalonia Waits With Bated Breath As Independence Decision Looms

Catalonia Waits With Bated Breath As Independence Decision Looms

Catalonia Waits With Bated Breath As Independence Decision Looms

Tensions have grown in Spain since last week when Catalonia held a regional vote for independence, an election deemed illegal by Madrid. It would therefore " be a candidate to become a member of the Union", then negotiations would be undertaken to integrate with the EU after a fire, green -with the unanimity of the 28 member States.

France will not recognize the independence of Catalonia if the region's authorities unilaterally decide to secede from Spain, French Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau said on Monday.

The songs include "We are all Catalans", "Only one nation" and "Puigdemont in prison".

She stressed her support for Spain's unity but also encouraged more dialogue.

Opinion polls have consistently suggested more Catalans favor remaining in Spain than declaring independence.

Catalonia, a northeastern region about the size of Belgium, is home to 7.5 million people and accounts for a fifth of Spain's economy.

The head of Spain's main opposition party is calling for Catalan leaders to drop an attempt to declare independence and is warning that the Socialists will back the government's response if separatists go ahead with their plan.

"We have to calculate very well what the reaction in Madrid will be when in the Parliament of Catalonia, independence will be declared", Mr Mas told the ABC.

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Catalans wake up on Tuesday to what could be a momentous day in their history as the world waits to see whether the region will proclaim its independence from Spain.

"The exit of many companies from Catalonia is the effect of the irrational and radical policies implemented and pursued by the (regional) government", minister Luis de Guindos said as he arrived for a meeting of euro zone finance ministers in Luxembourg.

Catalan independence would not enjoy worldwide recognition, France's minister for European affairs said Monday as the Spanish region's leader threatens to announce a split.

PLAID Cymru's Gwynedd Council leader has condemned the violence by the "oppressive" Spanish government police against the people of Catalonia.

Unionists and their supporters took to the streets of Barcelona to protest any moves toward independence as a result of Catalonia's referendum vote, with a number of demonstrators raising their right arms in fascists salutes, according to the Daily Mail.

Despite the outrage, Rajoy and Spanish King Felipe VI defended the police and doubled down on their stance to take whatever measures necessary to keep Catalonia from seceding.

Without a declaration of independence, Puigdemont risks seeing "the momentum behind Catalan independence fizzle out anticlimactically as he ignores his own referendum", the TS Lombard analysts wrote.

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