Pruitt announces withdrawal of Clean Power Plan

Pruitt announces withdrawal of Clean Power Plan

Pruitt announces withdrawal of Clean Power Plan

In a plan expected to be made public in coming days, the Environmental Protection Agency declared the Obama-era rule exceeded federal law by setting emissions standards that power plants could not reasonably meet. In fact, with emissions falling to 79.2 million tons in 2016, the RGGI states have already achieved their Clean Power Plan targets - 14 years early - and their new commitment to a regional carbon pollution limit of 54.7 million tons in 2030 is almost a third lower than what the Clean Power Plan would require.

The Sierra Club also criticized the Trump administration's decision describing the move as a "deadly mistake".

Pruit framed the Clean Power Plan - a rule limiting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants - as an overstepping of federal authority that unfairly targeted power plants and the waning coal industry. He said ending the plan would take pressure off some cash-strapped utilities that still relied on coal-fired power plants.

Speaking in Kentucky on Monday, Pruitt said he will sign a proposed rule on Tuesday "to withdraw the so-called clean power plan of the past administration".

"Under the interpretation proposed in this notice, the CPP (Clean Power Plan) exceeds the EPA's statutory authority and would be repealed", wrote a copy of the the leaked proposal obtained by the U.S. media.

The proposal also says the EPA has yet to determine whether it will create an additional rule on the regulation of greenhouse gases. "They are denying it just as they are denying the science".

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However, the Clean Power Plan has essentially been on hold since February 2016, when the US Supreme Court halted its implementation until courts could decide whether it was legally valid.

"The Clean Power Plan represented an unlawful attempt to transform the nation's power grid. and raise costs on American consumers", said Hal Quinn, president and CEO of the National Mining Association.

President Donald Trump's administration will kill the centerpiece of President Barack Obama's climate change action.

The new plan will save an estimated 240 million tons of annual coal production and safeguard more than 27,000 mining jobs and nearly 100,000 additional jobs throughout the supply chain, he said. Back in March, Trump signed an executive order ordering the EPA to review the Clean Power Plan. A leaked copy of the EPA's repeal argues that the usa would save $33 billion by not complying with the regulation, and that it doesn't provide significant health benefits, as the Obama administration claimed.

"90 some nearly 100 coal plants that has already been imploded by Obama's rules", said Clark Pergrem, Manager/Operator of NFC Mining and Onyx Coal Sales.

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