What's Open, Closed in Belmont on Columbus Day

What's Open, Closed in Belmont on Columbus Day

What's Open, Closed in Belmont on Columbus Day

A vast majority of Americans support celebrating a holiday honoring Christopher Columbus, according to a poll released this week. But in the political, social, and racial climate of America today, we're having a lot of conversations about our nation's history, about our leaders, about where we are headed.

"By focusing so much on Columbus you eliminate and erase the histories of the people who were here before him and I think that's awful", Yale University senior Chris Rice said.

At a time when some communities were dropping "Columbus" from the October holiday in favor of Indigenous Peoples' Day, Cuomo, an Italian-American, suggested Italian-American heritage can be honored as well as Native Americans.

Several states, including Texas and California, do not recognize Columbus Day as a paid holiday for its government employees. In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Columbus Day a federal holiday after intense lobbying by a Catholic service organization consisting largely of Italian Americans, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"I think we need to continue to honor the man who helped pave the way to create our great country", he said. Columbus Day is already one of the most inconsistently celebrated. Parking at city meters is free just like they are on other holidays. The ravages laid upon the indigenous inhabitants of the Caribbean by Columbus and his cohorts are well-documented, historical fact.

"Our city owes our very founding to the indigenous peoples in Denver", he said. He and de Blasio have had a years' long running feud. I have no problem with a day recognizing Native American people.

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If you ask a New Yorker which monuments symbolize an immigrants introduction to this country, they'll quickly note two famous statues: the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, and the statue of Columbus atop the landmark circle that bears his name. "We do this because our history book erase such history". The world's largest celebration of Italian-American culture, the parade includes 35,000 marchers and more than 100 groups, including bands, floats and contingents. This year, it falls on Monday, October 9, 2017.

The Tulsa City Council last month rejected a proposal to drop Columbus Day and replace it with Native American Day.

"Columbus should not be celebrated".

The group planned to rally at the Park Street MBTA station in Boston over Columbus Day weekend, and then march to the Christopher Columbus statue.

The Marist Poll surveyed 1,224 adults September 11-13, funded in partnership with the Knights of Columbus.

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