White House honors Hispanic Heritage Month

White House honors Hispanic Heritage Month

White House honors Hispanic Heritage Month

Even Trump, who has experienced some of the lowest public approval ratings of a first-year president, has called attention to his wife's popularity. You begin to assume that it's more about getting attention, than it is about proclaiming some kind of national policy.

During a meeting with top U.S. military leaders and their spouses earlier this week, Trump told reporters it was the "calm before the storm".

"I think the president has a great frustration with the fact that a lot of times you have inaccurate information that's being presented as factual", Sanders said. "That was fake news", Trump said Saturday.

Trump replied, "You'll find out".

President Donald Trump played around with the pronunciation of Puerto Rico as he saluted Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House on Friday (Oct. 6).

"Every day for John Kelly ends in 'why?' Every day is tense", a source close to the President said, referring to the struggles Kelly faces.

Sanders said for Trump protecting American people was an extremely serious job.

"He's been very clear that that's his number one priority, and if he feels that action is necessary, he'll take it".

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There might not be two more beleaguered units in the National Football League than the Dolphins offense and the Titans defense. Jay Cutler threw for 164 yards and a touchdown on 20 of 28 passing, while Jay Ajayi led the team with 12 carries for 46 yards.

That said, the first lady knows she has her husband's backing when it comes to some of her more eye-catching fashion choices.

Trump spoke to reporters before he left for a trip to North Carolina on Saturday evening. The Trump administration is also on the cusp of decertifying America's nuclear agreement with Iran, potentially knocking over the first domino in a sequence that triggers another US war in the Middle East.

Sanders quickly clarified: "I'm just using that as an example".

His comments come after North Korea claimed the United States was the real threat to world peace in a UN session.

One of the reporters again asked, "What storm, Mr. President?"

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump had an incredible team around him and has achieved tremendous accomplishments on the global stage by working with allies and confronting enemies.

"I still have a feeling she looks at this and says, 'Am I really in this position?'" said Myra Gutin, a professor at Rider University who writes about first ladies.

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