Apple reveals new gender-neutral emoji

Apple reveals new gender-neutral emoji

Apple reveals new gender-neutral emoji

It might be that older phones are less compatible with the design of apps that update when a new version of iOS comes out.

Futuremark looked at the performances of the central processing unit - commonly called as the brains of the iPhone - and the graphics processing unit, which focuses on processing graphics-related calculations.

A report last week went one step further, stating that Apple was purposely making its elderly iPhones slower to force people to buy the latest model.

The company also measured CPU performance and found a very slight drop in performance over time, but this difference is so small it is unlikely to be noticeable in everyday use.

The firm started with data on the iPhone 5s, testing its performance from April 2016 to September 2017, from iOS 9 to iOS 11.

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Starting with the 2013 iPhone 5s, the tests show that the handset's GPU and CPU performance has remained consistent throughout each iOS update.

After Apple rolled out the iOS 11 update, users have been complaining about the new version having a lot of bugs and issue.

Apple has chose to show off some of the new emojis that will be coming in the iOS 11.1 update. More faces, of course, including star-struck, a literal head exploding face and an emoji that raises one eyebrow. On the other hand, the release said, an older app might not be optimized for newer models as well. Apple might not be purposely hindering older iPhones to force users to upgrade, but it appears that optimizing each new version of iOS to work with these devices isn't the company's highest priority. For your end users who feel like their phone is slowing down, take them through the data and explain the benchmarking process.

Futuremark also suggests that the perception that your older iPhone is slowing down is compacted by a "psychological effect", where "knowing that there is a new and improved model available" makes your older iPhone seem inferior.

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