Audit a `starting point´ for action to tackle racial inequality, May promises

Audit a `starting point´ for action to tackle racial inequality, May promises

Audit a `starting point´ for action to tackle racial inequality, May promises

■ Ethnic minorities are more likely to live in areas of deprivation, especially black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi people.

Labour's equalities spokeswoman Dawn Butler said that Mrs May had written to then Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010 warning of the risk that austerity would disproportionately hit minorities.

An investigation into racial inequality in the United Kingdom has revealed sweeping disparities between ethnic minorities and White Britons.

Less than two-thirds of people from ethnic minorities are in work, compared with three-quarters of white people.

The figures reflect that unemployment for black and minority ethnic people is at almost double that of white Britons and massive disparities exist in terms of home ownership across the country.

An "unprecedented" audit pulls together data on how people of all ethnicities are treated in areas including health, education, and criminal justice.

May has called on the government and institutions to "explain or change" this disparity.

The data also shows that White children from poor backgrounds have some of the worst results in tests during primary school.

'But our concern is the way that the Government has framed these disparities as being about discrimination or racial injustice, implying that there is unfair treatment of ethnic groups when in fact there are many different complex reasons why ethnic groups have different outcomes'.

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■ Households of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, black, mixed and other backgrounds were more likely to receive income-related benefits and tax credits than those in other ethnic groups.

And white people are significantly more likely to struggle with suicidal thoughts, with 21.6 per cent saying they have considered killing themselves compared to just 13.1 per cent of Asians.

White 15-year-olds are four times more likely to smoke than their non-white peers, the survey found.

■ White British adults were the most likely to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day but were also among the most likely to be overweight and to drink alcohol at harmful levels.

She will tell them the audit will become an "essential resource in the battle to defeat ethnic injustice".

She will say "these issues are now out in the open" and that the collection of data provides "definitive evidence" of the challenges the United Kingdom still faces to "build a country that works for everyone".

"If these disparities can not be explained then they must be changed", May said following the report, calling on government and the UK's institutions.

"Britain has come a long way in my lifetime in spreading equality and opportunity".

May's deputy Damian Green said the audit's findings were not "relentlessly negative", but added in a forward to the document: "There is still a way to go before we have a country that works for everyone regardless of their ethnicity".

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