Joel Embiid reacts brilliantly to signing massive $148m extension with the Sixers

Joel Embiid reacts brilliantly to signing massive $148m extension with the Sixers

Joel Embiid reacts brilliantly to signing massive $148m extension with the Sixers

Embiid, a native of Cameroon, averaged 20.2 points and 7.8 rebounds per game in 31 games as a rookie before being sidelined in late January with a meniscus injury. How exactly that will be determined will likely be exceedingly complicated, though the initial guess would be it's a combination of straight guaranteed money combined with additional guarantees based on games-played benchmarks.

The first three years of Embiid's career unavoidably conjures up visions of Oden's tenure with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Had he played more many believe he was a shoe-in to win Rookie of the Year. If Embiid's body continues to fall apart and they waive him, are they still on the hook for 75 percent of the contract? And yet Philadelphia's huge bet on Joel Embiid, for the position the Sixers are in as a franchise, was one they couldn't afford not to take.

We don't know yet the actual figures of what Embiid and the front office decided. To go through two injuries back-to-back years and then come out and do what he did last year, he deserves every single dollar of that. While Embiid needed two surgeries to fix the navicular bone in his right foot, there were no indications of any complications previous year. The seven-footer arguably has the funniest Twitter page of all the National Basketball Association players, he's publicly tried to get with Rihanna on multiple occasions, and he has embraced a motto fans used to describe the franchise's transition from doom to hope.

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Embiid trained in Philadelphia on Monday and will rejoin the team tonight. Philadelphia will have a lot riding on the talented, oft-injured center. The coaching and medical staff will work harmoniously to make sure that he gets the proper rest needed throughout the course of the regular season to have him ready for potential future playoff runs.

Even as he signed a massive contract extension, Embiid isn't completely back on the court.

If Embiid can't get over his injury woes, the 76ers will be saddled with a long, expensive contract for a player who can't get on the floor. Zach Lowe of ESPN, among others, are being told the deal is incredible complex.

In the end, Colangelo and Embiid's agent, Leon Rose, looked like they were able to meet in the middle on this one. Embiid and the Sixers agreed on a $148 million, five-year extension and it could increase even more if the 7-foot centre reaches certain incentives.

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