Kobe plunges on metals products scandal

Kobe plunges on metals products scandal

Kobe plunges on metals products scandal

Kobe didn't say if customers outside of the country were impacted, though Toyota said the faulty materials were only supplied to its plants in Japan.

Kobe Steel was untraded as sell orders dwarfed buy orders after Japan's third-biggest steelmaker revealed it had fabricated data to falsely show that its products met customer specifications.

On Tuesday, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. said that it had used the aluminum products with fabricated data in the H-2A rocket that was launched earlier in the day to send a satellite into space.

Aluminum is widely used in cars, planes and high-speed trains in Japan which use the light-weight metal to increase fuel efficiency.

Kobe Steel said it discovered the falsification in inspections on products shipped from September 2016 to August 2017, adding there haven't been any reports of safety issues.

Toyota said it had found Kobe Steel materials, for which the supplier falsified data, in bonnets, doors and peripheral areas.

The false data supplied to automakers was meant to make metals look like they met clients' quality standards. Also Boeing Co., which gets some parts from Subaru, said there's nothing to date that raises any safety concerns. Products with falsified data were shipped to about 200 companies, the company said at the weekend.

"Nothing in our review to date leads us to conclude that this issue presents a safety concern", the company said Tuesday. "We recognize that this breach of compliance principles on the part of a supplier is a grave issue".

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Honda said it had used falsified material from Kobe Steel in vehicle doors and bonnets, while Mazda Motor confirmed it used aluminium from the company.

- Mitsubishi Motors said it is confirming affected models as well as whether there's impact on vehicle safety. The products account for 4 percent of shipments of aluminum and copper parts as well as castings and forgings.

So far, Honda has said the steel was used for vehicle doors and hoods, though it is unclear how much was used or the extent.

Railway companies including East Japan Railway Co. and Central Japan Railway Co. said that the problematic products had also been used in some of the Shinkansen bullet trains. The rocket cleared all safety checks before launch, the company said. Hitachi Ltd., which used Kobe products in trains exported to the United Kingdom, said it's found no safety concerns.

This latest scandal threatens to further undermine confidence in the quality of Japanese manufacturing.

"We want Kobe Steel to make the utmost effort to restore trust from society", he said.

Takata, whose problematic airbags have been blamed for more than a dozen deaths, pleaded guilty in the United States in February for misleading automakers about the safety of the airbags.

Nissan last week recalled more than 1-million cars in Japan.

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