Twitter Blocks Anti-Abortion Rep From Promoting 'Inflammatory' Campaign Ad

Twitter Blocks Anti-Abortion Rep From Promoting 'Inflammatory' Campaign Ad

Twitter Blocks Anti-Abortion Rep From Promoting 'Inflammatory' Campaign Ad

Last week, the conservative congresswoman from Tennessee rolled out a launch video to kick off her campaign for the Senate seat being vacated next year by Bob Corker.

No word from Blackburn on whether anyone might also find it "inflammatory" for the ad to contain an image showing her firing a handgun at a pink, human-shaped target immediately after claiming Planned Parenthood was selling "baby body parts".

Blackburn said she's astonished that Twitter is fine with people promoting the burning of the American flag or disrespecting the national anthem but censors a political ad promoting a pro-life message. An ad, however, reaches people who have not actively sought out Blackburn's opinions by following her Twitter account, and therefore the company holds it to a different standard.

Blackburn's almost two-and-a-half minute video also features footage of her shooting a gun and taking fellow Republicans in the Senate to task for failing to repeal ObamaCare. "Join me in standing up to the liberal elite".

Twitter has reportedly pulled a campaign ad off its platform that spoke about Planned Parenthood negatively.

In the ad, Blackburn identifies herself as "100 percent pro-life".

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Social media platforms have come under fire in both the USA and overseas for enabling the spread of extremist content and "fake news", but Twitter surprised many in Washington on Monday with its decision to block a United States congresswoman's campaign ad.

It remains to be seen how Twitter's response to the video may impact Blackburn's campaign.

"I know the left calls me a wingnut or a knuckle-dragging conservative", Blackburn said in the video. They maintain they never sold body parts but that the money received from their tissue donation program were for storage and transport costs and were thus legal.

Twitter said the video was "deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction", according to the Associated Press.

"This is a pro-women, pro-baby, pro-life message", she emphasized, "and yes indeed as chairman of the Select Investigative Panel, the work that our committee did stopped this practice of selling baby body parts". Threatening Daleiden with jail time, suppressing the videos, and engaging in all-out harassment of pro-life activists, supporters of Planned Parenthood have refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing on the part of the abortion provider.

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