3-year-old boy left alone in corn maze overnight

3-year-old boy left alone in corn maze overnight

3-year-old boy left alone in corn maze overnight

It had then been some 12 hours since a woman had discovered the crying boy alone at the Crazy Corn Maze in the Salt Lake City suburb of West Jordan and brought him to the maze owners.

The boy was found by a good Samaritan who took him to the maze staff.

Schmidt, 42, from South Jordan, said it is not unusual for family members to get lost or separated in the corn maze, so when someone first found the toddler, "we weren't in panic mode right away".

A couple from Utah ended up leaving their child behind at a maze on Monday night but didn't realize he was missing until Tuesday morning.

They waited about 30 minutes for the family to come looking for him.

The mother reportedly said she entered the maze with a large group of adults and children, according to Daily News.

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Around 8 p.m. last night the boy was handed over to police officers working security at the Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan, according to our sister affiliate KUTV.

Police have issued no citations, noting the incident had been turned over the DFS for investigation and it is unclear rather or not they have released the child back into parental custody.

Officials said the child and his family live in a home shared with other families.

"The fact that it took so long for them to realize the child was missing - was it purely an accident?"

Authorities would not confirm whether the child has been returned to the mother.

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