New Kindle Oasis (2017) adds big screen and waterproofing, cuts price

New Kindle Oasis (2017) adds big screen and waterproofing, cuts price

New Kindle Oasis (2017) adds big screen and waterproofing, cuts price

Well, after years of prayers, Amazon has finally launched a new Kindle e-book reader that has a water-resistant design.

Instead of opting for an attachment to extend battery life like with the previous Kindle, the new Oasis has a thicker side. According to Amazon, the battery will last upto six weeks on full charge (two weeks less from the last Oasis). As the most premium Kindle reader, the device is targeted at a relatively narrow band of consumers - those who want an essentially single-function device with a premium build. On the downside, it's missing the page-turning buttons favored by Amazon and only offers 4GB of storage.

The Kindle has a battery life which can last for weeks and the screen size measures upto 7-inches. It only weighs 6.8 ounces and is only 3.4 mm thin at its thinnest point. These now appear on the device's home screen alongside your ebooks and can be streamed via Bluetooth to wireless speakers and headphones.

Though some earlier versions of the Kindle supported audiobook playback, replete with built-in speakers and headphone jacks, you certainly couldn't flip effortlessly between a text-based book and the audio counterpart of that same book without switching to the Kindle or Audible mobile apps. Theres a 32GB version too, if you expect storage to be a problem (e.g. if you consume many audiobooks and graphic novels). Amazon reduced the new Oasis's bezel size and moved to a slightly larger frame to fit in the bigger screen.

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What you're looking at is the most advanced Kindle ever - the new Oasis. It also has a marked advantage when attempting to read image-heavy works, like comics, on the thing (though comics on an e-reader is still a big no-go, as far as I'm concerned). An Amazon spokesperson told ArsTechnica that this makes the new e-reader a bit faster than last year's model, which featured a Cortex-A9 processor. The new Kindle Oasis also comes with fast-charging capability, allowing the device to be fully-charged in less than two hours. So thankfully the sensor is also now on the new Oasis.

Amazon has promptly taking pre-orders for the device, with the 8GB and 32GB configurations fetching £229.99 and £259.99, respectively.

But arguably the most interesting new Kindle Oasis feature is deep Audible integration. Additionally, you'll be able to connect to Wi-Fi or take advantage of the free cellular connectivity provided by Amazon.

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