Couple discovers hidden camera in bedroom of Airbnb

Couple discovers hidden camera in bedroom of Airbnb

Couple discovers hidden camera in bedroom of Airbnb

Natt had been letting his home on Airbnb for two years.

A couple visiting from IN discovered the cameras-one IN the bedroom and one IN the living room-on September 1, just a day after arriving, and reported them to police. At that point they understood it was really a camera masked as a smoke locator and was pointing comfortable bed. This winter, a Korean couple also found a camera hidden in a smoke detector in Japan Airbnb rental, and a Chinese couple found a similar device in a Taiwan Airbnb rental.

Derek Starnes told Tampa-based WFTS via telephone he and his better half are blown a gasket by what happened. Bob Bourque said. "We don't know if there are local victims someone who may have been dating him or a companion that doesn't realize they are being videotaped, and then we have the other side of who he rented to through Airbnb".

But even with all that in place, it's hard for guests to know to look for a tiny hole in a smoke alarm. The host, Wayne Natt, was charged with "video voyeurism". Starnes hopes other people that rented from Natt at the address located at 623 Cedars Court in Longboat Key will come forward.

He said: 'My wife and I are distressed by this situation. Police believe there may be more victims.

"[Natt] stated that he has 20 to 30 videos with sexual activity, but all parties involved had knowledge they were being recorded", Bourque said.

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"Who knows what it's being used for, so it's very concerning", said Lt. Bourque.

"He says that everybody videoed had learning he was videoing them", Bourque said. When pressed for why Natt would hide the camera in a smoke alarm if the filming was consensual, Bourque reported that Natt responded that hiding it in the ceiling "gave him a better angle".

The home-sharing company has permanently banned Natt, and is working with local law enforcement in their on-going investigation.

"If people are consenting to recording sexual activity, why is it hidden in a smoke alarm?" said Bourque.

Police are asking any individual who leased from Natt on Airbnb or was inside his apartment suite to get in touch with them. We take privacy issues extremely seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy against this behavior.

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