Flu Season Begins in the United States

Flu Season Begins in the United States

Flu Season Begins in the United States

People with allergies to vaccine ingredients can often receive the vaccine safely, if it is given in a doctors office where they can be monitored.

The vaccine protects you from the threatening complications.

Local GPs are calling for the thousands of people, who are at high risk of medical complications from seasonal flu, to get the free flu jab this autumn.

The flu vaccine is still the single best protection against the flu and it is also helpful in reducing the length and severity of illness if someone does get the flu.

Its a quick prick to protect yourself from the flu all season long, but not all flu vaccines are the same.

The flu shot is free to Muskingum county residents and the Health Department encourages anyone who hasn't received the vaccine yet to take advantage of the upcoming clinics. One patient died, according to the county Health and Human Services Agency.

The county also released a list of things people can do to avoid the risk of getting the flu. But still, some people end up coming down with the flu shot.

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He said the health unit isn't proceeding differently this year, but there may be a time later in the season when he'll become concerned.

When the State Health Department announced that there would be cutbacks to the popular "stop flu at school program" - many parents were concerned. Catching flu on top of these can easily develop into something very serious and could get bad enough to require hospital treatment.

Early signs and symptoms include sudden onset of fever, headache, sore muscles and cough. Of the 219 flu deaths reported in the state during the 2016-17 season, more than 150 cases involved a person 65 or older. For people 65 and older, the high-dose flu shot is available for $54 and the pneumonia vaccine is available for $89.

"I have not gotten my flu vaccines".

This year, trusts are being told to make the vaccine readily available to staff without the need to disrupt their work, but also to record why anyone who decides to opt out chose to do so.

"Getting vaccinated against flu every year is the single best way to protect against catching or spreading what is a potentially debilitating illness".

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