Hamas says reached deal with Palestinian rival Fatah

Hamas says reached deal with Palestinian rival Fatah

Hamas says reached deal with Palestinian rival Fatah

Ismail Haniyeh, leader of Hamas, said that a deal had been struck after two days of talks brokered by Egypt.

Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas told AFP on Thursday, "I welcome the agreement".

"Hamas and Fatah will hold a fresh round of talks in Cairo on December 1 to assess implementation of the agreement", the source said.

Hamas and Fatah reached an agreement to end the 10 years national division during the second session of the reconciliation meeting held in Cairo today.

"We hope they won't disappoint our people and break the joy", said Rahaab Kanaan, 55.

The two sides remain sharply at odds, however, over the future of Hamas's 25,000-strong armed wing, which the terror group says is nonnegotiable.

He added that all Palestinian factions would begin wider negotiations on the formation of a national unity government in the coming two weeks.

Security cooperation between Fatah and Hamas could include, among other things, the deployment of 3,000 Fatah security officers, who would join the Gaza police force over a period of 12 months.

The document was signed by the heads of delegations from both factions.

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The crossing with Egypt may require more time for the handover, with construction work now underway there.

Hamas seized Gaza from Fatah in a near civil war in 2007 and the two factions have been at loggerheads ever since.

He said the unity government would "run all institutions without exception", including all border crossings with Israel and in Rafah, Gaza's only access point with Egypt.

"The legitimate government, the government of consensus, will return according to its responsibilities and according to the law", Fatah delegation chief Azzam Al-Ahmed said at the signing ceremony in Cairo.

The Hamas official said Hamas, Fatah and smaller Palestinian factions would meet early next month to discuss other issues related to Palestinian reconciliation, including holding long-overdue parliamentary and presidential elections.

The readout of the Secretary-General's phone call comes as media outlets are reporting that Egyptian-facilitated talks in Cairo have led to a breakthrough in the talks among Palestinian parties on administration in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt has also agreed to provide fuel to the Gaza Strip for electricity generation.

Multiple previous reconciliation talks have failed.

Last week, Palestinian Authority prime minister Rami Hamdallah visited Gaza for the first time since 2015 and his ministers took formal control of government departments in the territory.

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