Hurricane Ophelia moving at crawl in northeastern Atlantic

Hurricane Ophelia moving at crawl in northeastern Atlantic

Hurricane Ophelia moving at crawl in northeastern Atlantic

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Forecasters say the stormy weather will be caused by ex-Hurricane Opelia, which hit the United States this week and is now heading across the Atlantic with winds of more than 70mph. After all, this is just an uncommon occurrence, not completely unheard of.

Mr Burkhill said cold sea temperatures mean Ophelia will not be strong enough to be categorised as a hurricane when it hits Britain. The storm rapidly intensified before making landfall in Texas on August 25 as a powerful Category 4 hurricane.

On average, according to the National Hurricane Center, one hurricane forms in October. It is moving northeast at about 3 miles per hour but is expected to increase its speed Friday.

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As of the 5:00am ET advisory, Ophelia has maximum sustained winds of 85 mph, located 725 miles SW of the Azores. Over the weekend it accelerates off to the north-northeast, continuing on this track through early next week.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic is that if Ophelia strengthens to a hurricane, which it is forecast to do, it will be the tenth consecutive hurricane. This path looks to bring Ophelia close to the southeastern Azores early in the weekend and model guidance is now in good agreement that the storm will stay offshore of Iberia with fewer weather impacts anticipated for Portugal and Northwest Spain. Ophelia nears and could potentially impact Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland as it lifts north on Monday.

Once the hurricane arrives following its journey across the Atlantic Ocean it is expected to bring winds of up to 70mph.

"There is a lot of uncertainty as to the exact evolution and movement of this weather system during the coming four days, but storm-force winds, outbreaks of heavy rain, and very high seas are threatened".

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