The Amazon Echo just got a lot smarter

The Amazon Echo just got a lot smarter

The Amazon Echo just got a lot smarter

The fact that the virtual assistant is going to instantly recognize the user's voice will bring a large number of advantages, especially to the Amazon Echo.

Amazon opens a new discount sale for the Alexa powered Echo Show smart device. Despite this, Alexa is just now learning how to tell different voices apart from one another.

"Consumers who are looking to buy a smart speaker this coming holiday season will have a wide range of form factors, prices and feature sets to choose from", Strategy Analytics analyst David Watkins said. The Amazon smart speaker can then perform relevant commands based on who spoke. The company also says that touch-to-talk device like Fire TV remote and the Amazon Tap does not support voice profiles.

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Meanwhile, Amazon's Alexa gained the ability to recognize different people's voices, catching up to Google Home. So if you instruct it to call John, it will call your friend, not your roommates. Alexa is now able to recognize your voice for Flash Briefings and automatically skips stories you listened to from your feed.

This new feature by Amazon is now available for messaging, calling, flash briefing, shopping and enjoying the Unlimited Amazon Music and soon this update will cover all features. If these two weren't pushing each other that hard, we might have waited longer for Google to implement calling and Alexa to add voice profiles. You'll have to repeat ten sentences over to train Alexa that it's your voice.

Many voice assistants also are beyond a counter decoration, with an eMarketer study finding that 36 million Americans will use a voice-enabled speaker at least once a month this year, primarily driven by millennials.

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