Trump, Trudeau differ on NAFTA talks

Trump, Trudeau differ on NAFTA talks

Trump, Trudeau differ on NAFTA talks

"Some of us in Mexico think that on several occasions our Canadian friends have come close to throwing us under the bus", Arturo Sarukhan, the former Mexican ambassador to the USA, said at a NAFTA-related event Wednesday in D.C. He said "it would not be the end of the world". "We'll see if we can do the kind of changes that we need".

Pressed over whether the NAFTA pact could degenerate into a series of bilateral deals, Trudeau said that his administration was "ready for anything and will continue to protect Canadian interests". "We have to protect our workers and in all fairness, the Prime Minister wants to protect Canada as well as its people, so the agreement has to be fair for both countries".

"If we can't make a deal, it'll be terminated and that will be fine", Trump said.

"If every marriage had a five-year sunset clause on it, I think our divorce rate would be a heck of a lot higher", Canada's ambassador to Washington David MacNaughton said last month.

Trudeau in turn threatened to cancel a purchase of 18 fighter jets from American aerospace giant Boeing, saying he had told Trump he "disagreed vehemently" with the United States decision.

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Trump has maintained his threat to walk out on the fourth round of talks to update the North American Free Trade Agreement, even amid rising opposition at home to his hard-line stance. Mexico could leave NAFTA and have the strength to move on without any serious long-term structural damage to the economy, he said.

People briefed on US proposals to be presented this week said Washington is seeking to sharply lift North American content threshold in vehicle manufacturing. Scheduled talks in this session have been extended by two days to Tuesday. Just four percent of food items in the U.K. originated from North America, and 54 percent of food consumed in the U.K., originated in the U.K. Representatives of the auto industry warned some of the US demands could raise prices for vehicles.

According to a schedule seen by Reuters, meetings on government procurement, cross-border services trade, environmental issues and state-owned enterprises were set to conclude for the current round on Thursday.

Trudeau later said he was optimistic that an agreement would be reached. "We have a tough negotiation and it's something you will know in the not too distant future because we are going to be discussing NAFTA and we will be discussing defense".

"These will be met with widespread opposition from Canada and Mexico". "Among conditions demanded by the US are a significant increase in regional content - particularly USA content - in the region's exports, a uniform upper limit for government purchases, some restrictions to agriculture products coming to the US from Mexico and Canada, and the elimination of the chapter on resolution of controversies".

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