Buffalo spice latte? Tim Hortons unveils new drink in US

Buffalo spice latte? Tim Hortons unveils new drink in US

Buffalo spice latte? Tim Hortons unveils new drink in US

Mochas, vanilla lattes and good ol'espresso have given Tim's lovers a lot of joy but the Buffalo flavour has me re-thinking my morning coffee.

Naturally, people are sceptical of the buffalo latte, and of those who are willing to drink it.

TIm Horton's has been known to create many a delicious treat - from IceCapps, to TimBits, to Sun-dried Tomato bagels with cream cheese that are sure to soothe your stomach and taste buds after a night of heavy drinking.

According to a press release from the company, the Buffalo Latte will only be available at two Tim Hortons locations in Buffalo, NY, made with "freshly brewed espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and bold buffalo sauce flavor". The concoction will be available hot or cold.

The global quick-service coffee chain shared a photo of its new limited Buffalo spice latte to celebrate lattes being served in the area for first time.

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The Buffalo Latte is now available for only $2.79, added Fox News.

Tim Horton's, the Canadian quick-service restaurant chain that has 94 locations in the US, has offered up a challenge to the reigning king of fall flavors: a latte topped with Buffalo sauce.

A Tim Hortons coffee shop in downtown Toronto is pictured on Wednesday, June 29, 2016.

The promo photos for the latte show the red powder-dusted drinks alongside a plate of the famous hot wings, which may or may not be a serving suggestion - although chicken wings are certainly not a staple of the Tim Hortons menu.

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