Google making video calling easier

Google making video calling easier

Google making video calling easier

With the new initiative, Android phone users will now be able to make video calls directly from were their call or message. The Geometric Shapes one is available on all Android devices.

Sadly, there has been no indication that this feature will come to any Android phones other than the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but it turns out that you can replicate the feature on any phone, including an iPhone, with a free app.

Google Duo's video-calling feature will be integrated into the Phone, Contacts and the Messaging apps on Android system, according to a new post from Google.

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While the Pixel 2 might not be the sleekest or most powerful Android phone on the market when it launches later this month, Google always saves a few surprises for its own phones. Though of course, the app is pre-installed in several Android phones.

You can download the app from the link given below. However, if not, the call will be routed via Google Duo. Furthermore, if you want your call to use video over LTE (ViLTE), an extension of voice over LTE (Ma href="" VoLTE), you both have to be using Verizon. "We're working with our carrier and device partners to bring this experience to more Android devices over time", writes Google. That being said for the video calls to go through you will still be required to have the Google Duo app even if you never open it. If you can't wait you can download the Play Store APK v8.3.42 from source below.

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