Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey ineligible for AFL Women's draft

Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey ineligible for AFL Women's draft

Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey ineligible for AFL Women's draft

The AFL has blocked transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey from participating in the AFLW's 2018 season.

My other question is, if the AFL's primary reason for deeming Mouncey ineligible was their concern about the disparity in size and strength, why has she been given the all clear to play in other AFL-affiliated women's competitions?

For now, Mouncey's best chance of playing sport at the elite level comes through European handball, a game in which she has been cleared for domestic and global competition.

Mouncey now has the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Mouncey released a statement shortly after the decision was announced.

She is allowed to nominate for future AFLW drafts and to register in other AFL competitions.

Mouncey had previously played for the Australian men's handball team before transitioning and has also played in the ACT women's AFL competition throughout the year.

She did not comment on the decision beyond offering her best wishes to everyone who made it into the draft.

"Good luck to all the girls who nominated for the AFLW draft tomorrow, especially my mates from Canberra".

Mouncey's testosterone levels fall between those required by the International Olympic Committee, the same guidelines followed by the AFL.

A woman who wanted to play in a professional football league was told she would not be allowed to because she is trans.

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"It was important to involve the right stakeholders to review all the information and data available. Every case will be decided on its own merits along with the individual circumstances of each future nominee", Hosch says.

"We acknowledge Hannah's openness and cooperation. We recognise that participating in sport has physical, psychological and social benefits and we are committed to making Australian football on every level welcoming to all in our community".

The AFL now faces the prospect of legal action over the decision.

Mouncey has spent the past season playing in the ruck for Canberra's Ainslie Tricolours, having been given approval to play in the women's league.

Mouncey's dream to play in the premier women's competition ground to a halt on Tuesday after the game's governing body ruled she needed to undergo more of a transformation.

"If they don't it could get quite messy and quite complicated if they go the other route", Quill told SEN's Breakfast on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old said she is "extremely disappointed" by the AFL's ruling, but "I accept the league's decision and thank them for the genuine way in which they approached my situation", she said in a statement.

It is a weird situation when a player is ruled illegible to play in a competition with the elite women players - those who are the fittest, strongest and most skilful in the country - and yet she can play with women in a competition whose skills and strength are at a far lower standard.

"Sports were a big issue for trans people", Senator Rice said.

"People have said "with how big you are you'll probably hold back a bit so you don't hurt anyone" and I'm like, 'well no, I'm not going to hold back, that defeats the whole purpose".

The AFLPA on Tuesday criticised the league for dragging its feet on the issue, having always been aware of Mouncey's intentions to nominate.

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