Women are now accusing writer/director James Toback of sexual harassment

Women are now accusing writer/director James Toback of sexual harassment

Women are now accusing writer/director James Toback of sexual harassment

More than 30 women have come forward accusing Hollywood director James Toback of sexual assault.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the now-72-year-old Toback often relied on the same method to approach younger women unsolicited in NY, telling them he was a famous director and showing them proof; in one case, Toback opened up his bag and showed a woman a DVD copy of Two Girls and a Guy.

Toback would typically invite women, usually in their 20s, to his hotel room where he would dry-hump them or masturbate in front of them.

Toback has written or directed more than a dozen films, including "Tyson", "The Pick-Up Artist" and "Bugsy", for which he received an Oscar nomination. He's been working in film since writing the 1974 James Caan film The Gambler; his most recent movie, The Private Life of a Modern Woman, premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 4 of this year.

In a statement to the Times, Toback denied he had met the women who made the allegations, or that if he had met them it "was for five minutes and have no recollection".

The allegations, which stretch back over 20 years, share many similarities to the recent accusations against Harvey Weinstein, and shed light not only on how common sexual harassment is in Hollywood but also the frequency with which workplace power dynamics can lead to sexual abuse - even when a world-famous producer isn't involved.

According to actress Echo Danon, who was in Toback's movie Black and White, he allegedly kneeled in front of her, put his hands on her thighs, and said, "If you look into my eyes and pinch my nipples, I'm going to come in my trousers right now".

Toback is known for his wild movie sex scenes as in his flick When Will I Be Loved, where actress Neve Campbell's character masturbates with a shower nozzle.

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Starr Rinaldi said she was an aspiring actress when Toback approached her in New York City's Central Park about 15 years ago. I got his machine and told him that I couldn't come to his lecture, but if he was serious about me being a star he should give my mom a call. James Toback was usually to masturbate, to rub his genitals on this young women, and sometimes their cum all over each other. But the stories are so eerily similar, and I've heard them again and again from some of the people I trust most in the world, I know the chances of them being untrue... well, it would just be impossible.

A 1989 article in Spy magazine noted that Toback would often scout for potential actresses to work on his projects at a market on New York's Upper West Side.

McGowan also tweeted about the allegations against Toback, saying: "James Toback damn you for stealing, damn you for traumatizing". At least 40 women have come forward about Weinstein.

It's far from the first time news has broken about James Toback allegedly harassing women.

Reacting to the Times report Sunday, several celebrities swiftly denounced Toback's alleged behavior, including filmmaker Paul Feig, actress Asia Argento, and TV journalist Gretchen Carlson.

Gunn's post says Toback "has done this to three girls I've dated, two of my very best friends, and a family member. twice".

But in the past few weeks, amid the Weinstein scandal and the rise of the #MeToo social media movement, in which women are revealing instances of sexual harassment and assault, more reports have emerged about the conduct of many working in the entertainment industry.

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