Ivanka Trump's miniskirt is too short for Japan, says social media: 'Inappropriate!'

Ivanka Trump's miniskirt is too short for Japan, says social media: 'Inappropriate!'

Ivanka Trump's miniskirt is too short for Japan, says social media: 'Inappropriate!'

Japan's first all-female police squad will have its debut assignment this week, protecting first lady Melania Trump and adviser Ivanka Trump during the president's visit to Asia.

Tokyo (CNN)Ivanka Trump has arrived in Tokyo for a very brief trip to speak about women's participation in the economy at the World Assembly of Women, an annual conference sponsored by the Japanese government.

The event was not as well attended as one might expect considering her popularity - Trump delivered an 18-minute speech to a partially-empty auditorium - but White House spokesman Josh Raffel said the hotel's strict security measures kept people from getting to their seats. First daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump landed in Japan on Thursday, welcomed by the USA ambassador to Japan, William Hagerty, and his wife, Chrissy.

The DailyMail added that Japan views Ivanka as "a fashion icon" who will attract onlookers during her stay.

"She is a good example that a woman can do an outstanding job and handle a misogynist father like Trump, without pushing too much of a feminist agenda or confronting men too much", said Yuriko Shinzato. "This takes many forms, including harassment, which can never be tolerated".

New 'Lord Of The Rings' Adaptation In Talks At Amazon
Then there's the posthumously published The Silmarillion , a collection of works that are set within Tolkien's Middle-earth. No deal has been struck, but the fact Bezos is reportedly highly involved is a sign he's serious about a potential deal.

Her comments came at a sensitive time the concept of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The issue of sexual harassment has been in the spotlight since bombshell claims against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, with allegations emerging against a host of others in the entertainment industry.

Trump's sexism has been well documented throughout at least the last three decades.

In his daughter's speech on Friday, she also said workplaces need to make further efforts to respect women's values and accommodate the need for balance between work and family.

Trump will play golf and talk with Abe and meet with Emperor Akihito and relatives of people abducted by North Korea.

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