IPhone glitch creating typos for users

IPhone glitch creating typos for users

IPhone glitch creating typos for users

Apple has not yet released a software update to fix the bug, but they have a suggestion for frustrated "A?" phone users.

It's not a ideal fix, but it should do fine till Apple rolls out a permanent solution. The company also released a second developer beta for watchOS 4.2 and tvOS 11.2 alongside the iOS 11.2 release. So here's how to fix it while Apple works on a patch.

Users can send or request money using the feature, which leverages existing payment methods added to Apple Pay. Apple suggested a temporary fix, but iPhone and iPad owners would rather receive a ideal iOS 11. The first step is for users to go to the Settings menu, tap General, go to Keyboard then tap Text Replacement. "The workaround is to set up a replacement shortcut to make a lowercase letter i become an uppercase one", writes a user on the A#OS Reddit forum. Instead of auto-correcting to a capital, it's instead replaced with the letter "A" and a unicode symbol.

The iOS 11.1 is a bag full of goodies.

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Some Apple users have discovered a bug that automatically corrects the lower-case letter "i" to "A" and a question mark symbol.

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The iOS 11.2 probably won't deliver new emojis, but it's shaping up to be another solid milestone release for Apple's mobile devices. It's worth noting that the most affected gadgets include iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models with applications such as iMessage, Twitter and Instagram experiencing the fault.

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