Nvidia announces Star Wars-themed Titan Xp Collector's Edition GPUs

Nvidia announces Star Wars-themed Titan Xp Collector's Edition GPUs

Nvidia announces Star Wars-themed Titan Xp Collector's Edition GPUs

The Jedi Order and Galactic Empire Titan Xp cards sport green and red lighting respectively, along with a redesigned cooler.

The new two new collector's edition Titan Xp graphics cards have been crafted to reflect the look and feel of the Star Wars galaxy with Jedi Order and Galactic Empire versions. Today, the company has now officially unveiled the new graphics card and there's actually two versions, both modeled on Star Wars.

Nvidia designed the collector's edition cards with several windowed areas to showcase some of the internals and lighting. Specs and performance are exactly the same as the original TITAN Xp, with all of the GP102's CUDA cores enabled and 12TFLOPS of compute performance. The rest of the casing echoes the design of a Jedi's lightsaber. Each card also has their faction's emblem prominently displayed on the illuminated blower fan. The Titan Xp Galactic Empire will feature red lighting along with a cooler shroud created to resemble technologically advanced weapons of the Empire.

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Of course, there's no question that these are kick-ass graphics engines, based as they are on Nvidia's Pascal architecture - so good that it has taken Intel and AMD joining forces to take them on.

This is far from the last tenuous tech tie-in we'll see connected to the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi next month, but so far, it's easily the victor of most tenuous.

Currently, the Star Wars Nvidia Titan Xp Collector's Edition will be $1,200, with each purchase including a collectible electro-formed metal badge, which features the crest that varies depending on which alliance you side with. Starting tomorrow, GeForce Experience users can preorder either card for $1,200.

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