Sneaky fake WhatsApp app attracts more than 1 million downloads

Sneaky fake WhatsApp app attracts more than 1 million downloads

Sneaky fake WhatsApp app attracts more than 1 million downloads

Google has silently started testing a new app called "Files Go" to provide Android users with a unified solution for all their storage management and wireless file transfer requirements.

After the forgery was pointed out on Reddit, the developer name was changed to "Live Update Apps" from earlier WhatsApp Inc.

As per reports, a version of popular mobile game Temple Run 2 can also be found which was uploaded in October.

The fake version of Whatsapp has since been removed from the PlayStore. Regular users of WhatsApp will not be affected.

But the app maker had added a Unicode character space after the WhatsApp

Named "Update WhatsApp Messenger" and developed by "WhatsApp Inc.", the app looked pretty much identical to the official one.

Files Go is being marketed as a "smart storage manager, and its main goal is to help you easily see which files/apps are on your device and what ones you can delete so you can quickly free up precious storage".

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The developer of the app cunningly programmed it to appear exactly like the legitimate app.

Experts warned that the malicious apps can take control of devices without the user's knowledge. It's in the "Device" section.

If you or someone you know downloaded this fake version of WhatsApp, delete the app immediately.

Upon opening the app, you'll be met with two main home screens - Storage and Files. Note: make sure that when using these stores, the version you are looking at is already installed on your phone.

Eventually, Google had to come for a clean-up and remove the app from Play Store.

On top of downloading security software for their phones, users can avoid being hacked by being selective about the apps that they download.

This is not the first time a fake app was uploaded to the Play Store.

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