TripAdvisor now identifies hotels where sexual assaults were reported

TripAdvisor now identifies hotels where sexual assaults were reported

TripAdvisor now identifies hotels where sexual assaults were reported

The warnings are also meant to encourage customers to do more research before booking their stays, Hoyt said, including looking up additional information outside of TripAdvisor.

These badges are only temporary and last for a three-month period.

"The aim of the badge is to alert travellers to issues they may want to more fully research outside of TripAdvisor".

Late Wednesday afternoon, Love received an email from Kaufer, who apologized and explained the company's new warning policies. "We'll be monitoring news coverage moving forward".

Grand Velas Riviera Maya and Iberostar did not immediately respond to requests for comment outside of business hours.

The implementation of the notification system comes just days after the The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that TripAdvisor repeatedly removed a post from Kristie Love seven years ago after she wrote that she'd been raped by a security guard at a highly rated all-inclusive Mexican resort.

Kristie Love read the November 2 headlines from around the globe; "TripAdvisor apologizes for deleting user's post about being raped at resort;" "TripAdvisor apologizes for removing rape claim." and "TripAdvisor apologizes to alleged rape victim". Iberostar Paraiso Maya, one of the resorts affected by this impoundment, was shut down completely; Abbey Conner, a 20-year-old woman from Wisconsin, drowned there while on vacation with her family in January. The forum post has since been republished by TripAdvisor.

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The company maintains that it does not take down reviews or forum posts because they mention sexual assault or rape.

In the wake of accusations that TripAdvisor had deleted from its site posts about crimes against tourists, the popular travel website has implemented a badge to mark hotels where serious incidents are alleged. He said the level of moderation was a "bit of an overreach in 2010".

"TripAdvisor has been made aware of recent media reports or events concerning this property which may not be reflected in reviews found on this listing", the badge states.

The badges will remain on the site for three months but will be kept up if "issues persist".

The homepage of the official TripAdvisor website, on 20th June 2015. Reviews in the past have been rejected on grounds of hearsay, as they would sometimes cite the opinion of someone else or include a medical diagnosis.

Along with this change, the company will also be working to let users know exactly which part of their review was flagged.

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